Monday, April 16, 2012

"Excerpts from the collected papers of G. Stanley Hall" by Alicia Puglionesi

Six copies of some fears
A study of calms
The influence of the weather upon the activities of children
Paper on the reasons for the ticklishness of facial hair
The domain of fear
Textbook of nervous diseases
Paradoxes of the notion of danger
The fear of life
Paper on pragmatism
Paper on senility
Paper on the ability to laugh
Paper on consciousness, with footnotes
Article on mourning clothes
The habit of torture
Last page of a paper on some sort of meeting
Are the colleges doing their job?
Rough notes on pity
Paper with titles of various sociological categories
Paper on a new milk law
Paper on the steady increase in the appreciation of Jesus, with footnotes.
Bibliography of Sunday
Paper on the ideals that one sex has for the other
Some account of the vampires of onset, past and present
Note on the changes in the lectures
Why do we cry?
Paper on the past as an explanation for everything
Folder on woman
Paper on the psychic stimulus of death
Three pages of rough handwritten notes
Paper on fatigue
Paper on panics
Loose page of an unidentified manuscript
The feeling of being stared at

Alicia will be reading her work at WORMS on Tuesday, April 17.

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