Monday, February 14, 2011

"Threshing" by Robert Schreur

Not my words,
which are chaff,
but their gist
is the grist
for your mill.

Winnow me,
world, till just
what I mean
will remain
to be said.

Robert will perform his work at WORMS on February 16.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday, February 16 - Erin Gleeson, Jesse Heffler, Ashlie Kauffman, Robert Schreur

The month of fevers will not go unWORMS'd! Welcome Erin Gleeson, Jesse Heffler, Ashlie Kauffman, & Robert Schreur to WORMS on Wednesday, February 16.

ERIN GLEESON is a writer, illustrator and co-creator of the touring puppet series Showbeast. Her work has been featured all across the country, and she recently co-wrote and co-directed videos for Dan Deacon and Beach House. She writes the blog, in which she explores sustainable living in an urban environment.

is superstitious about both photography & biography.

ASHLIE KAUFFMAN was lucky enough to grow up in the Hereford Zone. She has two too many masters degrees, in poetry and fiction. She writes book reviews for the Baltimore-based journal JMWW.

ROBERT SCHREUR's two most recent books are Poems and Problems and Scattered Remains, both privately published. His Syllabic Press recently published a translation of poems by Ishikawa Takuboku titled On Knowing Oneself Too Well.

It's free and open to all, but bring $$$ to purchase books & beverages.