Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday, November 23 - Jeremy Hoevenaar, Chris Mason, Matthew Smith, Rupert Wondolowski, & Joseph Young


WORMS explores the dangerous, dark territory of a Tuesday night with Jeremy Hoevenaar, Chris Mason, Matthew Smith, Rupert Wondolowski, & Joseph Young.

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JEREMY HOEVENAAR grew up in Boonton, New Jersey, which most people pronounce "Bootin", and where The Misfits recorded "Walk Among Us" in 1981. His work can be found in The Brooklyn Rail, Tantalum, Forklift, Ohio, and other journals. He currently lives with big windows in Baltimore, where he is recovering from a corneal abrasion.

CHRIS MASON is a member of The Tinklers whose book, "The Elements", was recently published by Shattered Wig, and Old Songs, who have translated many ancient Greek poets and put their poems to music. He moved to Baltimore from Minnesota in 1970. "Hum Who Hiccup" will be published by Narrow House in December, 2010.

MATTHEW SMITH was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He earned his MFA in poetry at the Johns Hopkins University and now studies playwriting at the Catholic University of America. His poems have appeared (or will soon appear) in various magazines, including Beloit Poetry Journal, Commonweal, Iron Horse Literary Review, Measure, Unsplendid, The Alabama Literary Review, The Same, and The Lyric. His plays have been performed in Baltimore, London, and Athens, Georgia. He was recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize and named a runner-up in the Slapering Hol Press Chapbook Contest. He lives in Baltimore with his wife, Joanna.

RUPERT WONDOLOWSKI is editor of Shattered Wig Review and Press, which has somehow become Baltimore's longest running literary magazine despite no one knowing of it. He is the author most recently of The Origin of Paranoia As a Heated Mole Suit (Publishing Genius Press). His work has recently appeared in City Sages: Baltimore, The i.e. Series Reader, Everyday Genius and Fell Swoop. He also appears in Luca DiPierro and Michael Kimball's film "60 Writers/60 Places". He is currently clearing a spot in his house for getting down and ugly with some acrylic paints. Shattered Wig Press activities and Rupert's writing can be found at: http://shatteredwig.blogspot.com/

JOSEPH YOUNG lives in Baltimore. There he likes to make things, whether vampire books, microfiction, collages, stencils, or short videos, and he likes to work with other writers and artists, showing, curating, organizing. He's got a microfiction collection, Easter Rabbit, and a novel on vampires, NAME.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

illustrations to haikus by Stephanie Barber, by Lauren Bender.

(Lauren's illustrations are in italics.)

looser than Lincoln
more wishful than washington
john quincy adams

probably wooden teeth
represented by eyes and knots
large hands and diminutive fruits

they obtained two kids
and changed them into egrets
it was surprising

this one would be whimsical and illustrative
think shel silverstein meets audubon
with the same amount of endearing inaccuracy

look at the camera
now tilt your head to the left
act like you’re crying

I wish there was a way to draw an animated gif
once I had this idea to film women thinking about fear
I would be okay with this one being portraiture

Lauren Bender will performing her work at
WORMS on October 13.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

from "37 Weeks of Wonder" by Erin Gleeson

That afternoon, that afternoon he earned his nickname, Jason just wanted to move in slow motion. Maybe for a moment it could help quiet things down a bit. To him, the world was always rushing around him, and he just wanted it to slow down for a little while. They had an hour and a half before she returned from work. Was that enough time? They had been tossing the idea around for the past two weeks, and the more he and his little brother talked about it the more it seemed like exactly what they needed. They crept into their mother's room, single file, and searched around until they found her weed all snuggled up in a tiny earring box.

They sat in the azalea bush behind their house and smoked some, not wanting to be seen but not wanting the smell to stick to the furniture. But he didn't feel it. It did nothing. His brother feigned a fit of giggles, but Jason only felt the crushing weight of guilt.

The next day, he told his friend Mike about it. Mike was drifting off into drinking and another group of friends, and Jason thought the anecdote might engage him a little. Instead, it ricocheted from one person to another, until the rumor was that Jason was a pothead who got high with his mom.

You do one thing once and suddenly you've got a nickname about it. He was a momhead.

Erin Gleeson will be performing her work at WORMS on October 13.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

"What the Wind Told Me" by Chris Toll

Something is hungry to be born,
something must die
– and what has to die doesn’t want to
and is vicious.

Chris Toll will be performing his work at WORMS on October 13, 2010.