Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tuesday, March 27 -- Justin Sirois' FALCONS ON THE FLOOR Release Party w/ Alphonso Lingis & Ed Steck

WORMS couldn't be prouder to host the release party for Justin Sirois' Falcons on the Floor, a novel that follows two young men as they leave their home town of Fallujah on the
eve of the first Coalition siege!

Readings by Justin Sirois, Alphonso Lingis, and Ed Steck!

JUSTIN SIROIS is a writer living in Baltimore, Maryland. His books include Secondary Sound, MLKNG SCKLS, and Falcons on the Floor written with Iraqi refugee Haneen Alshujairy. He also runs the Understanding Campaign with Haneen and co-directs Narrow House. Justin received several individual Maryland State Art Council grants and a Baker "b" grant in 2010.

ALPHONSO LINGIS is professor emeritus of philosophy at the Pennsylvania State University. Lingis has had wide success as a public lecturer due both to his captivating style of writing and also the performance art atmosphere of his lectures. During public talks he generally appears in costume or speaks amidst strange background music or recorded screams, often in total darkness. His books include Excesses: Eros and Culture (1984), Libido: The French Existential Theories (1985), Phenomenological Explanations (1986), Deathbound Subjectivity (1989), The Community of Those Who Have Nothing in Common (1994), Abuses (1994), Foreign Bodies (1994), Sensation: Intelligibility in Sensibility (1995), The Imperative (1998), Dangerous Emotions (1999), Trust (2003), Body Modifications: Evolutions and Atavisms in Culture (2005), The First Person Singular (2007), and Violence and Splendor (2010).
(adapted from Wikipedia)

ED STECK is a writer from Southwestern Pennsylvania. He currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA. His work often focuses on surveillance and landscape through the direct confrontation with bureaucratic language in government, military, and corporate documents, such as the Wikileaks Afghan and Iraq War Logs. Ugly Duckling Presse will publish his book, The Garden: Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulation, in 2013. He has collaborated on publications with David Horvitz, Marc Handelman, and Wintergarten LTD. Most recently, West in Den Haag published A Time Stream in Spaces: The Cultic Parody of Time-Induced Capital as part of the Let Us Keep Our Own Noon group exhibition.

Tuesday, March 27 —— Doors 7:30, Reading at 8 —— FREE
(but bring $$$ for booze and FALCONS ON THE FLOOR)
@ the METRO GALLERY (1700 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD)
----WORMS is not responsible----