Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Captain Cool" by Adam Robinson

People find it remarkable that George Brett was the 29th draft pick in 1971, and Mike Schmidt was the 30th

It was George Brett who coined the phrase The Mendoza Line. After a short slump in 1979 he said he knew he was in trouble once seeing his batting average listed below the Mendoza line

One time Mike Schmidt hit a hit that hit a loudspeaker in Houston. The ball fell onto the field. It did not blossom into a home run. If it hadn’t hit the speaker it would have probably flown farther than 500 feet from the place where it whammed off his bat

Mike Schmidt has red hair. He thinks Pete Rose should be in the hall of fame. At one point he wore a wig and received a standing ovation

Mike played in the hot corner but was known as “Captain Cool”

While he was a professional baseball player I went from age minus-6 to 12. Moustaches were okay during this time period. Everyone wanted a sportscar. After I was born I kept breaking my arms. I know a lot about Mike Schmidt but he doesn’t know one single solitary thing about me

Adam Robinson will be performing his work at the September 15th edition of WORMS at the Bell Foundry in Baltimore.

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